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Solitaire, also known as Klondike, is a single-player game, and the most popular version requires you to move and arrange cards into piles. This game only involves a standard deck of 52 playing cards and no opponent to play with. With over 500 variations of Solitaire games available, most are minor variations of the original. The variations involve changes in layout to pairing or totaling rules. The base Solitaire game consists of moving the cards into piles of identical suits.

The popular variations of the classic Solitaire are Spider Solitaire and FreeCell.


The goal of Solitaire is to build four (4) piles, each representing a suit – Heart (♥️) , Spade (♠️) ️, Diamond (♦️), and Club (♣️). Also, you need to stack cards in each pile in ascending order – from Ace to King. To win the game, you need to move and place all the cards into separate piles, each by suit, in the Foundation area.

Game Setup

You get a layout divided into four areas – Foundation, Tableau, Stockpile and Discard.

While the play involves a standard deck of 52 playing cards, the Tableau area has seven columns consisting of 28 cards. 

From the left to right, the first column has only one card facing up. The second column to the left of the first has two cards – the first facing down and the second facing up. Next, the third column to the left of the second has three cards – two facing down and the third one facing up. 

A similar repetition continues in the fourth to the seventh column, where a corresponding number of cards face down, and only the top card faces up. The remaining 24 cards are part of the Stockpile above the seven columns. 

Before the game begins, the Foundation area and Discard pile are empty.


  • Aces need to be at the bottom of the pile in the Foundation area.
  • Kings can be used in the empty column to start a new stack in the Tableau area.

Foundation Area:

  • In the Foundation area, each pile needs to have the same suit of cards and each pile needs to begin with an Ace and end with a King.
  • Three ways to put cards in a Foundation pile: move a card from a column in the Tableau area, from the Discard file (only the top card facing up), or the card you draw from the Stockpile. 

Tableau Area:

  • You can only move the cards facing up in the columns of the Tableau area.
  • When moving cards between columns in the Tableau area, the cards must alternate between red and black colors of different suits in descending order. For example, you can move and put 10 of Clubs on Jack of Hearts visible in another column.
  • You can move a stack of cards to another column only if they are of the correct descending order and alternative color of black and red. That’s only allowed if the bottom-most card of the stack is lower than the destination card. For example, you can only move a stack that has the Queen of Hearts at the bottom to a column with King of Clubs or Spades.
  • When you get an empty column, you can place a King to start a new column or move an entire sequential stack with the King as the highest (bottom-most) card in a column.
  • You can reveal turn cards facing down only when you move the card facing up above it to another column. 


  • Use the Stockpile only when no suitable cards are available to move in the column of the Tableau area.
  • You can draw only one card from the Stockpile at a time. 
  • You can do three things with the card you pick from the Stockpile: 
    1. Place it in a column of the Tableau area in descending order. For example, you can put 7 of Spades on top of a stack with 8 of Hearts face up.  
    2. Put it directly on a matching suit pile in ascending order of the Foundation Area. For instance, you may place 4 of Diamonds on top of 3 of Diamonds. 
    3. If it doesn’t fit in a Tableau area column or a Foundation pile, put it face up on the Discard pile. 

Discard Pile:

  • You can only move the top (face up) card from the Discard pile into a column in the Tableau area or a pile in the Foundation area.
  • When the Stockpile is empty, you can flip and deal the Discard pile into a new Stockpile to draw cards again.